Thursday, May 20, 2010

Questions of Science

I absolutely love the song 'The Scientist' by Coldplay.
A thing I love about listening to songs, is listening to it again and again, deconstructing the lyrics to understand it more.

'The Scientist' is one of those songs I just had to research and learn more about.

My interpretation of the song:

The song is about a man who 'screwed up' his relationship, wanting to go back to the start and re live the relationship differently.

He wants to be explain what he did in the past with science, but he can't as love has nothing to do with science, but with the indivduals emotions.

'Come back and haunt me' is a representation of either the person he is talking about having died, or that the relationship has been long lost.

It appears he misses the relationship he was once in which is shown through the repetittive connotation of 'take me back to the start', however science cannot not get him back into the relationship, and it is up to the human mind to move foward in life.

This song is so beautiful and so easy for most people to relate to.

If you haven't heard thing song, I recommend you listen to it. Natasha Bedingfield also has a cover of this song, which is also wonderfully amazing.

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