Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Perspective.

Today I saw something I will never forget. Something that was so beautiful, so heartwarming.

The story goes like this:

I was at work, where two regular customers were both standing at the counter. The first cutomer waiting was Jan, a lovely, bubbly woman who has been coming into my work for years now. The other, a fragile old man with some sort of level of alzhiemers whos name is unknown.

The old man ordered six hash browns for him and his wife, so Jan began joking around saying how much he must love the has browns to get to many. As they were chatting away Jan said she was down to her last $5 for the day, in which she was about to spend on her breakfast.

So myself and some other workers gathered their food and handed it out to them.

About 15 minutes later the old man approached the counter and I asked him what he was after. He said he wanted to exchange his $20 note for a $10 and two $5 notes. So I happily exchanged the money and he was on his way. The next minute I looked up and saw that he was standing next to the table in which Jan was happily sitting eating her breakfast. I didn't hear exactly what he said to her but I saw him get out his wallet. He took a $10 note from his wallet and held it towards Jan. The reasoning as to why he wanted to exchange his money was because he wanted to give $10 of it to Jan, who now had no money left for the day.

Jan of course didn't accept the money, but felt so greatful for the offering the man had proposed. This old man, who does not have much money himself, offered Jan money. It may not have been much but it was such an amazing thing to watch.

I could not stop smiling after seeing this act. It was definitely the highlight of my day. I love that people on this earth can be so compassionate and kindhearted like this man. I feel so privledged to have seen this, as I have gained a new perspective of being generous to those I know, and those I do not know.

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