Monday, October 19, 2009

so the hsc starts tomorrow. you would think that i'd be stressed and studying heaps but to be honest ive studied about 5 hours in total during the holidays, and 2 hours of it was in maths tutoring. i'm pretty keen to do new step next year, i like the format so much better than year 12. i think a reason why i'm not worried about the hsc is because i still can't believe that it's the only thing keeping me connected to school. like once the exams are over thats it, no more going to belmont high.
i can't wait for next monday, because all but one exam will be finished. hopefully we (as in the amazing crew lol) are going to burn all our school stuff in a bon fire next week, well everything that we don't need anymore. i'm so excited to say goodbye to english especially. it is such a useless subject, like why do we need to learn about shakespeare? frankenstein? blade runner? etc. there is really no point in learning it because i don't know how it's going to help in the future, unless of course you want to be an english teacher, which would mean you want to enter a pointless career.
so overall i have pretty mixed emotions about finishing school. i'm going to miss everyone so much and even some of the classes, but i most definitely will not miss the work and assessment tasks.
and that is my rant for the day :)

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